compelling stories from ridge to reef.




I'm an Award winning and Bafta Nominated wildlife Cameraman working predominantly BBC's Natural History Unit having worked on PLANET EARTH II, DYNASTIES (In Prod), Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise, LIFE STORY and FROZEN PLANET. 

My passion is telling compelling behavioural stories from across the natural world and I love coming up with novel technological approaches to do so.  My experiences and expertise wildlife tracking and entertainment rigging prior to working in Natural History filming allow me to come up with bespoke solutions to our filming challenges, be it portable 3 axis cable dolly systems for moving cameras through tangled jungles to custom gimbals for filming from boats and vehicles. 

I've most recently been working on the BBC's next Landmark series SEVEN WORLDS which is set to broadcast in 2019 and has already seen me in Antarctica, Yukon, California and Norway. 

After 7 Years at the BBC's prestigious Natural History Unit covering a number of roles, I am excited to say I am now going freelance as a Wildlife Cameraman specialising in long lens animal behaviour and stabilised camera gimbals.  

This site shows some of my previous work.  Please get in touch